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Sappho’s Fragment: 5

I’ve spent most of my life [grieving for the past]
before it even got to me,
grinding on existence like moldy [millet seed]
bread given grudgingly as a poor offering [of the citizens]
to a god [once again, no] longer believing in his care.
[But you Kypris] still believe and [setting aside evil] still
come with mercy, staunching my wounds with light.

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Sappho’s Fragments 17: D’s Suite, Finis

You didn’t love me then either, but I had the power.
Enduring shame, I let you go and do not
know what came after.  We have met again and you
seem to think you must make something up to me.
[Now be gentle and help me too as of old] and be on
your way.

[Holy and beautiful maiden around] you there is light
and promise—there always was, even long
ago when tradition compelled our union.
He held her close and saw her spirit and knew you
were not for me.
You owe me nothing. It is an old
artifice [to be] told at some future story-telling
when you remember the price one pays for
trying to assuage past guilt while waiting on
forgiveness [to arrive].
Please. Forgive yourself for never having really loved me
at all.